Window Tinting Laws

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You’ve probably heard about Window Tinting Laws before. Most states have fairly clear guidelines on tinting windows, but there are also exceptions. In some cases, tinting the windows more than the law permits can be illegal. In those cases, a sticker stating that the tint is too dark will be required. Otherwise, you’ll likely need a doctor’s note to get around the restrictions. If you’re concerned about breaking the law, consider getting a professional to do it.

What percentage of tint is allowed on vehicle windows?

The first rule of window tint laws is that your car can’t have more than three5% reflective film on the backside. If your car’s backside is tinted, it must have dual side mirrors. The film must be labelled “New York State Certified” by the manufacturer, and a sticker must be placed between the film and glass on the driver’s side. In some cases, medical exemptions may apply.

Another exception is for those with certain illnesses. People with albinism, for instance, must be protected from sunlight on a daily basis. Those with Psoriasis need to be exposed to daylight. Rosacea sufferers may also benefit from tinted windows. However, tinting laws are still subject to revision by the New York State Health Department. For some patients, a tinting specialist’s recommendation may be the best option.

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