Recovery Centers

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Recovery Centers

Drug rehabilitation is a process that combines psychotherapy and medical care to treat a patient’s dependency on psychoactive substances, whether they’re prescription drugs or street drugs. The goal is to prevent a person from relapsing into drug abuse, and to restore a person’s sense of well-being.

Recovery Centers are located throughout the United States. They are a great resource for people suffering from substance use disorders. The treatment centers use evidence-based practices and offer a continuum of care. They specialize in treating people with addiction, alcoholism, and other mental illnesses. Some locations also offer a variety of programs, including yoga, vocational training, and self-care.

RCA has three locations, including Danvers and Westminster. In October, Westminster opened with 48 beds, and in January, Danvers opened with 72. The Danvers location is branded as the Boston Center for Addiction Treatment. Both centers are currently expanding. Several staff members were frustrated with their treatment options, and the Massachusetts Department of Public Health performed three inspections.

Some insurance plans cover the cost of treatment. However, coverage varies greatly from policy to policy. For example, some insurers may pay for public rehab centers while others won’t. Other types of insurance cover part or the entire program at private rehab facilities.

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