New Years 2021 Event – Theta Charity Gala in Austin, Texas

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Theta Design Weekend (TDF) is an interdisciplinary three day workshops, Friday and Saturday, with an emphasis on the creation of the human soul, spirit, body and mind. This weekend long event, hosted by the University of San Diego, is designed for designers and art lovers of the metaphysical arts, as well as those who have an interest in psychology, spirituality, intelligence, creativity and the future. It is designed around the premise that we are all one…and that we have an inherent desire to impact the world around us in some way. We believe in creating an environment where the divinity found in all of us is openly manifested.

The goal of the Theta Design Weekend is to ignite the curiosity of the subconscious mind, whereupon creative genius is unleashed. The goal of this three day event is to explore the hidden potential of the subconscious through the use of “mind altering” art and antiques. The festival is jam packed with originality and rich color, with many prominent and renowned visual attractions, including the famous Houston Museum of Fine Arts, the Toyota Museum of America, the Saatchi Gallery in London, the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Museum of Bath and Wells, and the Saatchi Gallery in London – to name a few. The venues are selected purposely to stimulate the creative mind, in order to allow artists the opportunity to display their wares and/or receive professional guidance from art consultants and dealers.

This year’s theme is “Art meets Science.” In keeping with the spirit of the original theme of the Houston Astroturf Classic, which took place here in 1970, we will once again bring together the greatest minds in science, technology and art for an extraordinary conference. To make the conference experience extra-special, we have added a Triffon Orange Chair as one of the 70 exhibitors offering special seating privileges for this special conference. In addition, we are happy to offer two specially designed “Triffon Chair Photo Stands” by award winning photographer, Jim Phillips. These photo stands are specifically manufactured for use with Theta Brain Waves technology and the brainwave state associated with theta states of consciousness.

The Houston Texas State University Association of Colleges and Schools has added Theta Brain Waves Technology to its list of college programs for graduates who are interested in obtaining degrees related to the brainwave processes associated with Theta states of consciousness. The association with the University of Houston is part of a long history of professional and educational association with institutions in Houston and the Texas area. As previously reported by Newsient, “Theta technology was used for military purposes over sixty years ago… it is only now that it is making such high impact and positive impact in the private sectors of our society and in the lives of so many others.” Texas charities like The American Red Cross and Texas Philharmonic are using the technology to train staff in trauma treatment, as well as providing professional training for nurses who want to enhance their expertise or those in pediatric nursing.

The American Red Cross and Texas Philharmonic have been associated with the “George R. Brown Conventions Center,” a venue that has been credited with helping to transform countless lives. According to the original description of the center, it was designed as an emergency shelter for families and individuals that had been devastated by Hurricane Rita. Today the center serves as a national nerve center for response to disasters and natural disasters. For the second year in a row, Theta Charity will be hosting a special Theta design weekend, to which hundreds of people with a passion for art will descend on the state capitol in Austin, Texas.

Theta technology is not limited to emergency shelters. Theta design weekends are also used in schools, in libraries, and in community development and strategic planning efforts. “We were amazed to see just how quickly the concept took off and how much participation came from the local community,” says Paula S. Smith, Executive Director of the Texas Southern Association for Planning and Growth. “We’ve seen a tremendous increase in the number of homeowners interested in transforming their homes and in the number of organizations that are now offering theta design weekend retreats.” Come visit the George R. Brown Convention Center in Austin, Texas during the second weekend in February, for the Annual Theta Design Weekend!

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