Houston Kappa Alpha Theta Dorm Rooms For Dining

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The new Houston Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae will be celebrating their upcoming classes in style at this upcoming spring. Known as the “Queen of Texas Fraternity,” the new enrollment includes women from all over Texas and beyond. The future members will enjoy the same in-house benefits that are offered to current students, such as fitness instruction, business class discounts, dining discounts, and access to special events. In addition to regular meetings held throughout the semester for families to get to know one another, there will also be an annual kama sutra dinner. All incoming members have the opportunity to attend this relaxing and enjoyable dinner, where they can mingle with current and future frat members as well as enjoy some adult beverages.

As previously announced, the new Houston Kappa Alpha Theta alumnae chapter will hold their first official meeting in December. This is a time when the entire fraternity will come together to celebrate their accomplishments and look forward to welcoming new members into the fold. On this date, the doors close to the public and frat brothers will welcome their new sisters. New members will be welcomed into the house by having their picture taken by the current chapter leaders, and then they will take their picture and submit it to the local newspaper. This is a great way to get the word out about the new Houston Kappa Alpha Theta chapter on Houston’s south side. This photograph will then be used on the local web site and sent out to family and friends.

Next, the alumnae will head to the Collin County Convention Center to celebrate their latest accomplishments. On this day, the new chapter will celebrate their acceptance into the Omega House. A special dinner will be served at the convention center, which includes a musical performance by the newly minted Delta Force Brass Band, and a special presentation of the newly published Marlborough Free Press book. This book is written by Zane Davis, and provides a background of the history of the Fraternity, including some information about the Fraternity’s origin, its membership and the rituals that have been part of its continued success for over one hundred years. Additionally, it includes pictures of the Fraternity’s current facilities.

Finally, as the month of December approaches, the Fraternity will hold a grand opening celebration at the local bookstore, which will feature books about the Fraternity such as, “The Fraternity of Sigma: History and heritage of a Southern Men’s Fraternity” by Zane Davis. As well, the bookstore will feature a special ” Beautifully Back Christmas” section, where local students will be expected to write home letters to Santa Claus in order to receive a gift certificate. At this function, there will also be a number of discounts available, including fifty-five dollar purchases for students, frat brothers, and their parents, as well as fifty dollars for each person for the purchase of one item, as opposed to the regular fifty-dollar purchase.

Students planning to attend the grand opening should also be prepared for another bout of frat activity when they step into the Houston Kappa Alpha Theta Dorm in January. There will be a “Reception with Dressy Chairs” hosted by the Junior Members of the fraternity. This will take place just before the rush, and party atmosphere sets in. Dorm guests can expect to dine on cafeteria style food, or the campus cafeteria if they are interested in the greasy, fried foods commonly seen during the rush hour. Guests are also welcome to bring their own food to the dorm, though most people staying at the Brown Convention Center should expect a lunchtime food menu. After dinner, visitors can join the dance floor and socialize with other students while enjoying the January sunshine.

The interior designers who work with the Beta Theta Fraternity are always on the lookout for new items that will enhance their client’s experience. The interior designers who have worked with the fraternity for years are happy to see their former customers returning to their homes to celebrate the opening of their new doors. “The Delta fraternity is a wonderful organization,” said Melissa Garcia, the Interim Dining Manager at the Brown Convention Center. “The rooms are beautiful, clean, and comfortable. It is exciting to know that customers will be returning to our spaces this December.”

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