What to Look For in an Air Conditioning Repair

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air conditioning repair

If you’ve had problems with your air conditioner lately, you may need to have it fixed. There are several things to look for in an air conditioning repair. These include a broken compressor or a faulty thermostat. A professional air conditioning repair service will be able to tell you if you need to replace the compressor or if it’s just time for a new one. Read on to find out what to look for. And remember that the best way to save money on air conditioning repair is to find a company that specializes in air conditioning repair.

Check The Wires And Switch Them On

The first step in an air conditioning repair is to check the evaporator. Dirty air can clog the condensate lines, and weeds can grow around the fins. If the thermostat has batteries, the wires should be tightly attached. To inspect the air filter, remove the cover and unscrew the Y terminal of the wire. Carefully hold the wire end for at least two minutes. Then, remove the cover and replace it with a new one.

Lastly, ask for multiple written estimates from several HVAC contractors before making a final decision. Some of the most reliable contractors will offer free estimates. But you should also know that they charge more if you need to get fresh refrigerant. Also, it’s important to check the contractor’s license and insurance before choosing them. You should ask about any monthly specials and maintenance plans they offer. If the contractor offers any of these, then you’re a likely candidate for a great service.

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