Tips to Choosing a Heat Transfer Machine

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heat transfer machine

A heat transfer machine is an industrial device that transfers a logo from a sticker to a glove. It consists of two separate working units, each with an individual heat press head and sticker feeding device. It is simple to operate and can handle up to 600 pairs of gloves an hour. Here are some tips to choosing a heat press machine for your needs. Keeping the temperature of the platen accurate is important for a lasting heat transfer application.

Check That It Fits Onto The Material Before Pressing It Onto A Surface

Before purchasing a heat press machine, make sure that the printer has a preview function. This way, you can see how the design will look when printed. If the design is too small or too big, you may end up with a design that doesn’t fit in the print. To avoid this problem, try printing white on off-white fabric, or printing the artwork horizontally. This will help ensure the image stays in place and doesn’t get flipped.

Screen printing is more expensive and requires a higher minimum order. Screen printing is a great option if you’re only looking to print one shirt. However, the setup time is higher, especially when you’re printing a large number of shirts. In addition, the design can only be printed on one shirt at a time. Changing ink colors is also an option, but it is not ideal for large orders. The most commonly used inks are water-based and plastisol.

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